Special Projects & Services

VIP Protection Services


We provide protection services for corporate executives, political officials, National and international dignitaries, high profile security conscious individuals and their families, as well as entertainers and athletes.

Management Security Functions


Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of existing or planned facilities.
Assessment of existing systems and controls for protection against losses of physical or intellectual assets.

Assessment of liability risks resulting from misconduct of employees or officers.
Preparation of effective Crisis Management Plans for key executives and their families, and recommending practical corrective measures.

Operational Reviews

Assessment and enhancement of client's purchasing procedures.

Assessment and improvement of inventory functions, within and outside the client company.
Assessment and improvement of quality control and recall procedures, plus protection against unnecessary product liability exposure.

Assessment and improvement of Crisis Management Operations.
Assessments and recommendations to improve corporations bottom line profit, without personnel dislocations.


Geopolitical Economic Risk Analysis


Custom assessment of political, economic, financial, and sociological conditions and risks in foreign countries.

Monitoring of diversion of counterfeit products.

Operational assistance in dealing with crises such as kidnappings, or extortion.

Operational assistance in establishing or expanding a client's product line or service in foreign countries.



A source for credit and background information on individuals, groups and organizations, available to professionals and managers within the business communities requiring immediate, factual information. ACURAFACTS is available by subscription only, and allows subscribers direct access to INTELSEC'S information "Data Bank". Contact us for further details.

Private Sector Investigations


Assistance in making decisions on prospective mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures.
"Due diligence" assessments for corporate counsel, investment bankers, and underwriters.
Identification of internal fraudulent practices or risks.
Conduct complex financial investigations.
Aid with investigations in support of litigation.
Identify and assess vulnerabilities to proprietary information losses.
Proving and disproving trademark counterfeiting.
Investigations of extraordinary incidents, such as extortion, suspicious explosions or fires, major thefts, and product tampering.
Background verification and evaluations of applicants for sensitive jobs. 

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