Some people talk about results.... we make them happen.


Conducting Investigations worldwide is an art form we mastered long ago. Successful, thorough, and full investigative services throughout the Caribbean, the Americas, Asia and Europe are what we are best known for. 

Asset Tracing


Details of assets currently owned or recently disposed of by Directors, Individuals and Companies are often required by our clients which include banks, corporate and private individuals for various reasons including litigation and debt recovery.

ICL has the expertise in locating a particular asset or assets including those hidden under a layered corporation or in the name of a third party and provide as much documentation as possible to prove the authenticity of the information. 

Skip Tracing


"Skip Tracing" is the term used to refer to the task of finding people who may not be in harm's way and typically need to be found to collect a debt or be sought for questioning regarding some matter or court case. The term comes from the debt collection industry and refers to those who "skip out" on their debts by moving and not leaving a forwarding address. 


ICL has performed thousands of locate investigations over the past 32 years with a high success rate. Based in the Cayman Islands, we have investigators and affiliates situated in almost every metropolitan city and remote areas around the world with access to advanced resources.

Service of Process


ICL employs process servers locally and worldwide with excellent knowledge in order to quickly and efficiently expedite process service. Our trained servers give clients access to faster and more personalized service. A timely, accurate, and efficient process service can be crucial to a case. Our global network of servers also allow us to provide you with timely service worldwide.  


ICL , and it's network of associated companies routinely serves process in every country in the world under the Hague Service Convention, The Inter - American Treaty, and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, by letters rogatory or private server.

List of Services


  • Accident Investigations

  • Address Search/verification

  • Aircraft Records Searches/verification

  • Appellate Court Decision Searches

  • Articles of Incorporation Searches

  • Asset Searches/verification

  • Automobile Registration Verification

  • Bankruptcy Record Searches/verification

  • Birth Records Verification

  • Boat/Vessel Records Searches

  • Business Records

  • Copyright Searches

  • Corporate Officer Search & Verification

  • Court Records Searches

  • Court Reporting (locally & overseas)

  • Credit & Background Investigations

  • Credit Reporting

  • Criminal & Civil Investigative Services

  • Death Records Searches & Verification

  • Debt Collections

  • Depo Summaries (Trained Document Summarizers specializing in accuracy & detail)

  • Divorce Records Searches/verification

  • Document Verification/Analysis

  • Drivers Records Searches/Verification

  • Due Diligence Investigations

  • Employment Records Searches &Verification

  • Estate Tax Releases (USA)

  • Executive Protection

  • Financial Records (From Jurisdictions other than the Cayman Islands)

  • Fraud Investigations

  • General Investigations

  • Grantee/Grantor Index Searches

  • Hand Writing Examination & Analysis

  • Insurance Investigations

  • Intellectual Property (trademark, gray market, Counterfeiting) Investigations

  • Judgment Searches

  • Lien Searches & Verification

  • Litigation (Party) Search

  • Locate Hidden Assets

  • Locate Missing Persons

  • Maritime Record Searches & Verification

  • Marriage Records Searches

  • Missing Heir Searches & Locates

  • Mortgage/Title Searches & Verification

  • Motor Vehicle Records Searches

  • Name Searches · Newspaper Searches

  • Personal Background investigations

  • Pre-Employment Background Investigations

  • Professional License/Certifications Verification

  • Real Property Searches · Records Retrieval Services

  • Reference Verifications

  • Registered Agent Searches

  • Repossessions

  • Security Surveys/Planning

  • Service of Process and documents

  • Skip Tracing

  • Surveillance

  • Translations (various languages)

  • Undercover Investigations

  • Witness Searches & Locates


"I have known Claude for many years especially when we were in CII together. He is ex law enforcement. If you require confidential work in the Cayman then WC Myles is the right connection. He is also a member of my group X-Police International."

Graham Dooley 

Business Partner at Amethyst Global LLP