Established in 1980, INTELSEC CONSULTANTS is a world leader in the field of protection, international investigations, corporate security, industrial counter-espionage, analysis and strategic planning, with informational capacities worldwide. It's scope of services is broad, and the quality of it's performance consistently high. The firm's reputation for competence is such that clients have successfully cited their consultation with Intelsec as evidence of their good faith efforts to enhance revenue, resolve internal problems, or institute effective problem controls.


Intelsec's abilities are born of it's staff training and experience. We have a professional staff, whose members offer a blend of managerial, legal, and investigative experience in industry and in government. Their training is in business and finance, in the collection and use of intelligence, and in the law, and law enforcement. Their experience spans the breadth of business and professional life internationally, and they are accustomed to dealing with CEOs, CFOs, and General Counsels.
The Firm's concentration of business and government experience is unique in it's extensiveness, variety and depth. Our client list reaches far and wide, and we have served clients around the world, from Tropical Beach Resorts, to Mid-East Oil Fields, to Snow-capped Ski Spas, to World Capitals. Whether it's in a manufacturing plant or an international airport, an overseas courtroom or an Indonesian gold mine, we can reach a client's problem area within hours, providing that often critical emergency response time advantage.
With world-wide representation INTELSEC can provide your eyes, ears and security to the world in today's fast-paced international market place.

“We look forward to working with you to help you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet"